More Than This

More Than This - Jay McLean This was recommended to me by my friend and seeing that it has 4 stars I decided to give it a try.

It was a surprise to find out that the author was partly Filipina and that Mikayla is one, too. My excitement just grew.

I liked the romance between Kayla and Jake, especially because Ms. McLean really made the situation of them living together as the only option, with her family being murdered on the day that she found out that her boyfriend of 4 years was cheating on her with her bestfriend. It made the circumstances much more acceptable.

The story was good enough that I was able to set aside the holes and concerns I had and just enjoy it. Except for Jake's fits of rage. I could just not deal with that ferocity when he's angry. I mean, we all get angry but you cannot talk to me like that, especially when you have no idea what's going on, then you claim that you more than a lot like me. For me, that would be red flag. I really could not get past that that I paused my reading for a while.

I'm glad I finished this as I loved the part towards the ending. The whole truth on the murder of her family. It was a potential mystery and could be turned into a more satisfying story (for me, as I love mysteries. but I like it as well, just as it is). And much more satisfying is that they finally got together with no more moments of rage and it was just awww.

One more thing, I always mix up their names!. Jake, James, Andrew, Matthew. One's name in another's surname. Phew!

It is a relatable story, in some aspects, and I had fun reading it. And with the epilogue, I just cannot let this go without finding out what's next!

3.5 stars