Twisted Perfection

Twisted Perfection - Abbi Glines I read Forever Too Far first before this, only to find out that this comes first. When I read Forever Too Far, I did not think much about Woods and Della. I liked Grant and Harlow more. But after finishing the Chance series, I was disappointed. Their story was not developed too well.

And then I read this! It is 1am in the morning and I still have work tomorrw but I didn't care! This is on the same level as Rush and Blaire's story! I could not put it down! Finally, something new besides the attractive virgin teen.

I loved Della's back story. I was skeptical on some parts but it had enough going on to let me put them aside.

I just wish I can say the same for the Chance series. I like Grant and Harlow so much!

4 stars