The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green What if I go up to John Green and demand that he tell me what happened after the novel?

How long does Hazel live?
Do Gus' parents get through this together?
Does Isaac snag the hot voice girl and still believe in true love?

Will he pull a Van Houten on me? Whatcha think?

I think Van Houten is the most believable character mainly because I could just picture John Green being Van Houten. Those are probably the exact words he would say.
Hazel started out strong but annoyed me on the second half.
The dialogues between Issac and Augustus were the most enjoyable.

They say that this is the new [b:Love Story|73968|Love Story (Love Story, #1)|Erich Segal||816372]. I've read Love Story and I didn't like it. The story jumps from one scene to next that frustrated me. TFIOS is much better.

There are parts that had my eyes rolling and, yes, without the cancer, this is just another teen romance novel with really good lines, a lot of them, that I can't quite believe came out from a teenager (I can almost see John Green as the one speaking them).

But hey, let's face it, I'm a Young Adult. And I'm a GIRL.

4 stars