The Sweetest Tattoo (Cabin Fever, #1) by Cameron Dane

The Sweetest Tattoo - Cameron Dane

Name: John McBride

Hot Body? Check.
Rich? Check.
Piercing blue eyes? Check.
Business savvy? Check.
Sweetness level: 99999999999

John carried this whole book. I did not care for the sex scenes so much. Hell, it took me a long time to get that over with (must've been desensitized since I liked A Younger Man so much that I thought I needed a M/F romance at once). But John, John, John... you had just the right amount of sweetness to make me care about your feelings for Kelsie and root for you. Right at the end, when you confessed your love and the lengths you went for it, I just melted. What girl doesn't want that?

One line from you and I am putty in your hands, John McBride. You are one of my fictional boyfriends now.

3.5 stars