We Were Liars

We Were Liars - E. Lockhart Ugh. I was tempted by the high ratings on Goodreads. I got so swept up by the first few chapters.

What mystery surrounds this family?
What deep, dark secrets are they hiding?

But it dragged on and on and on with no light at the end of the tunnel. It was all so tedious.

We, Sinclairs, are beautiful. We are grand. We are above everyone else. Repeat.

I couldn't take it anymore. Their first world problems failed to make me care. And it annoyed the hell out of me.

Oh boohoo, I'm getting poor by wasting away my trust fund. I'm too superior to get a job. I'm a Sinclair. The only work we do is to be beautiful.

For Pete's sake, enough already. We get it. Now, will you do something about it? And they did. By bickering like brats endlessly. By manipulating the Sinclair patriarch of which was childish at best, and whining to get their way. This from a "superior" family whose wealth has afforded the best education, the best experience in the world. This is all they've got to show for it.

The eldest grandchildren were no better. They were portrayed as better than their parents by talking big which, I could see, they know nothing of but only the idea of what it is about. The way everyone is carrying out their beliefs and plans are the work of a child. No critical thinking, nor creativity, for that matter, from the characters.

It wasn't even explained why they were called Liars or why Cady bleeds (I don't even know anymore if this just used metaphorically or literally) in stressful situations.

Halfway through the book I was itching for it to be over. And by the time I got to the "shocking" twist, I couldn't care less. It was all so confusing that I had to skim through the whole book again just to make sure. In Johnny's words, "Barf again." The poetry and the writing style was good, though.

We were stupid, more like.

1.5 stars