Neverland - Anna Katmore I was in the mood for some Peter Pan action and I got Captain Hook action! Not that I'm complaining, Neverland's Hook is dreamy!

I had a hard time finishing this book. I wanted to like this so much especially that I dreamt of Peter Pan but the whole story just didn't work for me. I wasn't engaged with the story and the characters. Heck, Peter Pan annoyed the hell out of me. He was just not cutout to be a teenager, sounds like a childish brat. Even the Lost Boys were kinda.. lost.. on me. And Tinkerbell a sheltered pixie?! If the author wanted me to not like their side then she succeeded. I was rooting for Hook the whole time, the only sane person on Neverland.

And then there's the thing when she got home. NO TIME HAS PASSED? Seriously? I was looking forward to her telling her adventures as she got home only to find out that she DOES NOT remember a thing? I'm so disappointed.

Fortunately, Hook and Angel's steamy scenes were really good. So sweet. And honestly, who doesn't like a man with just the right amount of danger?

This was more of a love story than an adventure. Which in my opinion should be the opposite. Hopefully, the sequel gives me more of that. (Yes, I will be reading it.) And I will be expecting more of Hook and Angel together.

Ms. Katmore has it all going on but she failed to make me care about everyone most specially Angel. I just felt detached to this. Felt like I was just looking in.

2.5 stars