Games of Fire

Games of Fire - Airicka Phoenix It took me a tremendous amount of willpower to finish this. I've had my fair share of young adult and new adult novels, whichever category this book applies, but there's something here that just didn't work for me.

Sophie is your regular blond masquerading to be smarter than she looks and her best friend, Lauren, is made to be the regular sidekick who, in my opinion, is a better protagonist with a good head on her shoulders. Spencer is the boy next door with the dashing good looks who starts off, unsurprisingly, as the jerk but who has a tender heart under it all and who has a shitty past to blame for his shittiness.

It's the regular formula for the YA novels and I've read a bunch of them that I can see past all these, unfortunately, except for this And finally, after 3 quarters of reading, the action somehow took place and gripped me that I think I stopped breathing.

Now, back to the cheesiness.

3 stars