The Deal (Off-Campus, #1) by Elle Kennedy

The Deal - Elle Kennedy
I am Hannah. I'm your typical MC in a NA novel: smokin' hot body, noble, has a horrid past to add some depth and perfect. So perfect I'm even better than the prodigy. And to make me unlike the rest, I have a good head on my shoulders, respect myself and a smart-ass.

And I am Garrett. I have everything. Smokin' hot body, trust fund baby, captain of the hockey team, has a horrid past to add some depth and a ladies' man, of course. And to make me unlike the rest, I ace almost all my subjects, I may be a ladies' man but I don't lead them on, and I'm sensitive and sweet without being broody.

In this smutty Love Story, we get all the crass banter between our two MCs and their troubles, coupled with
(show spoiler)
sexy time, but without the death.

Bleghhh. God knows how frustrated and irritable I am when I finished that.

Sigh. I have always complained about the lack of sensible MCs in my NAs. And now I got it and I'm still not happy. I liked Hannah's personality. She has a smart-ass mouth that puts a man in her place. In another story I would have loved her. And Garret, hmmm..well, he has his moments.

I don't know what went wrong. The characters were likable, they did not have my eyes rolling. The story was okay, it was rational. But I did not connect to it. I mean, I can see the scenes play out in my head but I just did not feel it. Maybe it tried too hard to make its characters unique that the writing was not focused on enough. Although since from the beginning I wasn't going gaga over it but I expected for it to get better- what with all the raging reviews I'm getting at my feed. It didn't. It got duller. It started out with distinctive characters in a not-so-typical storyline and went down from there. It sidled up to the typical NA story with all the honorable acts and cheesy. And that's what's not making it work! (I think) If you want to have stand-out characters, don't put them in cliché situations with cliché responses! I put this down for while and it took me some effort to continue with it. I could go on not having to know how it ended but I just have to finish it.

I have read quite a few NAs and so far I already associated it with smut. But here, I just don't get it. There's barely any sexiness going on and what's little of it that's there is not even hot. (Boooo!) There is no element of NA in it either! No 'developing sexuality', it's already developed. No 'negotiating education and career choices', it's already been decided. No 'leaving home', they're already juniors. No 'empowerment', they have done it all on their own before the story starts. Now what? Just the (bland) romance??

I never thought I'd say this but give me the blonde bombshell MCs with the eye-rolling stories that, at least, makes me feel something (other than the expected facepalms, of course) than this. Reasonable characters who are trying to be everything all at once. Not eager to pick up the sequel.

3 stars for trying.