Suee and the Shadow, Part 1 by Ginger Ly

— feeling big smile
Suee and the Shadow, Part 1 - Kay Lee, Ginger Ly,  Molly Park

I got this APP for free. I usually don't download books that are apps since I like reading in an eReader app. Also, they mostly feature books catering to small children.

Not this one though. The app icon was what got me to download this. It was dark, it was goth and it looks like a strange story. I was right.

I opened the app during lunch and was a bit surprised that I have it. I forgot that I downloaded it. What welcomed me as I started were the stunning graphics. I wouldn’t have cared if the story sucked since I was getting good visuals but, guess what? I liked the story! It wasn’t too middle grade. Suee is 12 years old but she can counter you like a veteran teenager. Your good ol’ MC is smart, savvy and independent. I liked getting into her mind. I like her mind, basically.

This is your typical creepy middle-grade book with apparent bad guys and good guys, your typical badass goth MC with her typical ‘army’ of unlikely friends. But Ginger Ly made it work, whether it was the drawings or because of the MC, I was hooked (never mind the headache from reading a comic book from my phone’s microscopic screen).

Can’t wait for the next one (to go free).

3.5 stars