Romancing the Duke (Castles Ever After #1) by Tessa Dare

Romancing the Duke - Tessa Dare

Ah, historical romance never fails me! I may not read this often but that does not mean it's not my favorite. The thing is, I am picky with this kind of genre. I only want the best. I don't want anything marring my starry-eyed adoration with these stories and this one definitely kept it intact.

I am so giddy! This racy and cute ( I never thought that I'd say racy and cute in a single sentence) romance had me all over the place. I was fanning myself in one steamy scene, the next my eyes misted by the unshed tears. Such a delight!

I loved every single character, from Izzy to Ransom (eventually), I loved their development. And the fact that

Izzy is the true author of The Goodnight Tales!

(show spoiler)

, I especially loved that bit. This could pass as a contemporary romance as I keep forgetting that we are in 19th century England. Fandoms and conventions abound, it was very amusing.

Also, this is the familiar formula of the innocent woman and the broody, sexually experienced man, which is kinda a bit of a disappointment for me but Ms. Dare made it work with sexy humor, 

There was exactly one reason his blood was pounding, and it had nothing to do with “please.” It had to do with “yes” and ”God, yes” and “just like that, but harder.”

a little bit of insight here,

She’d always envied beautiful women. Not solely for the beauty itself but because when attributes were parceled out by whatever deity assigned them, beauty seemed to come tethered to confidence. She craved that more than anything.

and tugs at your heartstrings everywhere.

She smiled. That beautiful smile. How could she ever doubt her effect on him?

“Of course you don’t deserve her. No man deserves a woman like that. He mortgages his very soul to win her and spends his life paying off the debt.”

And basically, I am Izzy.

“Why must this be so mortifying? Oh, that’s right. Because it’s my life.”

Losing sleep for this was worth it.

3.5 stars